What We Do

Maven PM offers more than just asphalt sealing services, we also offer industrial grade crack repair, line painting, as well as hot asphalt ramps and pothole repair for both residential & commercial properties. A well-maintained driveway will last 20-30 years. Find out more below.

Driveway Sealing

Maven PM uses Blackmac oil based sealant. Sealing your driveway with Blackmac protects it from the harsh winters and renews the appearance of the asphalt to enhance the curb-appeal of your property as well as extend the lifespan of your driveway.

Blacmac typically lasts 1-2 years cosmetically & 2-3 years as far as the benefits of the oils remaining in the asphalt protecting it from drying out.

Our driveway sealing package includes the following:

Full cleaning of entire asphalt surface (leaf blower & broom)

Crack repair (hot & regular options available)

Sealing of the entire asphalt surface (Blackmac oil based sealant)

We offer many sealing packages, let us help find the one that's right for you!

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Hot Asphalt Repairs/ Ramps

One of the most common issues on a residential driveway is the asphalt begins to sink between your driveway and the entrance of your garage, when this happens you may need what we call a hot asphalt ramp. The ramp will ensure that your driveway is leveled with your garage floor which will assist you while entering and exiting your garage with your vehicle as well as slope water away from the house.

Maven PM also provides asphalt cut out and repair services as well as pothole services for residential and commercial properties, this is required in areas where asphalt has sunken, or severe spiderweb cracking has occurred and potholes.

If you notice any of these problems occurring, you should act on it sooner than later, for more information or an estimate click below!

Asphalt we use:

Here at Maven PM we use various hot asphalt mixes depending on the project

HL3A: is a surface course mix that can be used in parking lots or for residential

driveways, it consists of 13mm Clear, 7mm Clear and 3mm Asphalt Sand and Asphalt


HL3: is sometimes called road grade asphalt. These asphalt mixes are coarser with

more stone and are stronger but they look stony.

Crack fill repairs

Maven PM utilizes both acrylic or hot rubber to repair cracks on the asphalt surface. Depending on the severity of the cracks and the budget of the project. Cracks left untreated, allow water into and beneath the base which leads to pavement failure. Water is the number one enemy to asphalt. Filling major cracks on the asphalt surface prolongs asphalt life and provides a cleaner look cosmetically.

We offer many crack fill packages, let us help find the one that's right for you!

Line painting

Here at Maven Pm we use an industrial line painter. We specialize painting parking spots & handicap logos etc. We offer many line painting packages, let us help find the one that's right for you!

Cleaning services

Here at Maven PM we use industrial grade blowers & brooms

Our cleaning services include the cleaning of the entire asphalt surface.

We offer many cleaning packages, let us help find the one that's right for you!